2020 HLF Snapback Collection

We Launched our New HLF Snapback Collection on May 17, 2020 in homage to our creators bornday and just the full circle of the Evolution that has been taken place with both the creator and brand High Life Fashion. So we celebrated both with the drop of 3 of our exclusive lines. The "Slime TrukR" Snapback, which was a 1 of 1 Collection that Sold Out instantly. The "HLF Royalty XVII" Snapback Limited Edition & The "HLF Classic" Snapback. Our way of 'Clapping Back' to our competition and ourselves for the many pushback dates and ensuring it was worth the wait. This drop is the first Installment of a few Collection & Piece Drops to come of the year 2020 and beyond. We hope you check out the Collection and be sure to shop with us to get your piece of the culture. Skyz High, No Limitz. Its Not Just A Brand, Its A Lifestyle. HLF.